Tellenger works with our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently using the right technology. All of our solutions are designed to be measurable, scalable, and flexible. Our team of technology and strategy experts ensure the client’s core objectives drive each decision within our process, which typically spans from planning to execution to maintenance.

Tellenger helps demystify cloud services. Whether your organization is looking for high level cloud consulting to put together a comprehensive cloud adoption roadmap or merely needs cloud engineers to migrate specific applications to new cloud environments, Tellenger has a right sized solution for your needs. Tellenger is vendor agnostic – we support private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions from a variety of providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Red Hat.


We can help you find the right cloud services to empower your organization to achieve their mission while minimizing cost, increasing flexibility, and securing your data.


Tellenger specializes in helping organizations use custom web- and mobile-based software to achieve objectives or overcome business challenges. We develop custom technologies that typically serve large enterprise organizations and the Federal government, though we regularly take on projects for start-up businesses and not-for-profits.


We provide full life cycle system engineering services ranging from agile software development to DevOps automation to COTS product integrations. We can help your organization achieve more with less by leveraging build, deployment, and test automation along with our streamlined agile development methodology. Quality is built into our process and all of our software development practices have been appraised at CMMI Level 3.


Tellenger takes the headache out of Enterprise IT. Our consultants are ready to tackle your most challenging IT problems. From managing complex networks and Voice over IP solutions to providing Service Desk Support to your end users we are there with the right technology and processes to meet your needs.  

Achieving consistent results comes from having a repeatable process.  

We follow this framework to ensure a successful outcome for every project we work on.  

Step One

Understand the Problem and Mission

Step Two

Demystify the Complexities of Technology

Step Three

Identify Potential Paths to Solution

Step Four

Develop and Implement Best Solution

Step Five

Analyze, Optimize, and Integrate Solution


Empowered Customers Achieving their Mission

Jump-start your organization’s future initiatives today with Tellenger!